USPS Fails for the Third Year in a Row

For the third year in a row, the Sullivan Post Office in Aurora, Colorado has tried to ruin my Christmas. While this year wasn’t as bad as previous years, most notably 2012’s USPS delivery fail, it’s frustrating to think that my mother has paid for shipping three years in a row and I have had to jump through hoops to… Read more →

Imagine Your Trash Not Getting Picked Up for 3 Weeks…

Pro Disposal, a local company based out of Denver, Colorado, has failed to pick up my friend’s trash from her home for three weeks. When reaching out to the company, my friend was assured multiple times that they would in fact come and pick up her trash, that there was no reason why they shouldn’t be picking up her trash,… Read more →

Startups Will Kill You

The title isn’t a bait and switch. Startups will kill you. If you don’t believe me, look around the Web. Startups fail every day. Those working for them will tell you how stressful, eventful, and heartbreaking they are to work for. Every day may be your last and that type of mentality in a job can kill you. It will… Read more →

How Not to Treat Customers

My friends and I decided to hold a semi-business meeting at Viewhouse during Happy Hour and after it. Two of us arrived shortly after Happy Hour started and ordered four drinks at the rooftop bar. I ordered two Vodka Cranberries – my go to drink for Happy Hour. My friend ordered two glasses of wine, also part of the Happy… Read more →